Parking systems


Triton systems is a development company with manufacture and supply of parking systems for over ten years. In our systems we combine high technology with inventive design sophistication, reliability, good price and low operating costs. In our solutions we take into account the requirements of large shopping centers, hotels, bussinesscenters, commercial parking garages, but also small paid or reserved parking lots. Thanks to the modularity of the system each customer can choose the optimum solution. Sophisticated bonus system makes the system attractive for use in urban center car parks and wherever it is important to regulate parking effectively.

System components (according to the range of the system)

  • Server
  • Automatic cash machine
  • Manual cash
  • Parking posts
  • Automatic gates
  • Bonus terminals
  • Security components

System benefits

    • Low operating costs - proximity cards Legic / Mifare are cyclically used as a parking card for short-term visitors. All the necessary data are recorded in electronic form in the card memory. Due to the fact that the cards are used cyclically, their use is highly cost effective.

    • Technological sophistication - parking and automatic cash dispensers are controlled by 32-bit industrial computers which allow connection of wide range of auxiliary equipment, IP phone and card readers from third parties, including the VAI. The information can be displayed on color monitors for the customers in more than one language. Automatic cash can be equipped by POS terminals for cashless payment. System devices communicate via LAN. Of course there is a possibility of integrating the access and security systems of buildings or sites as well as the possibility to administrate tenant's own parking cards in various companies located in the buildings.

    • System variability - from individual devices it is possible to make parking systems from simple autonomous systems for reserved parking spaces to large-scale systems with automated payment terminals, integrated vision system, IP phone etc, according to customer requirements.

    • Ease of use and system image - plastic parking card for short-term visitors with full color printing is used really well, insertion into the card acceptors does not depend on the card orientation.

    • Reliability - the data are stored in the memory card in electronic form, can not be copied and are not erased by a magnetic field caused by e.g. mobile phones.

    • Waste technology - parking card for short-term visitors are used cyclically, therefore with no waste.

  • Bonus parking contractors - contractors are equipped by bonus terminals by which they cover the parking payments (or a part of it) for their customers or guests. Bonus terminals are fully autonomous, without cable connection to the system. Data of the granted bonuses and their providers are transferred at vehicle departure from bonused cards and are available for reporting by a billing contractor or administrator.



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