Leisure & Sport


Leisure & Sport

          Waterpark lockers,

          Swimming pools lockers,

          Ski resorts lockers,

          Spa & wellness lockers,

          Golf courses lockers,

          Fitness lockers,

          Hotel lockers,

          And other

Electronic lockers system at leisure and sport facilities is usually combined with access control and cashless payment systems to provide a complete solution. 

-          Access control (multilevel entry and exit),

-          Cashless payment,

-          Self-service payment terminal, 

-          Self-service wristband issuer,

-          Self-service vending machine

Metra system offers complete end-to-end security solution for leisure & sport facilities. Solution includes access control, electronic lockers, cashless payment and centralized system management software. It allows facilities owners to generate a quicker ROI, as it includes additional revenue possibilities.

Additionally, Metra system can be interfaced with any (already) operating facility systems for purpose of lowering overall facility operational costs. Cost savers can be waterslides, jacuzzies, water heating, different employees related costs, etc.


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