Ticketless parking system


Ticketless Parking Management System

Fast in & out without stop to take ticket/card - Maximize revenues and minimize costs for your car park properties - With ANPR camera at the entrance to capture real-time car plate photo - Support multiple ways for drivers to pay parking fees before leaving the car park.

In the ticketless parking system, the parking ticket is replaced by the vehicle registration plate scanned by the ANPR camera. If the registration plate of the vehicle is unreadable or not at all, the parking stand on the front speaks to the driver with an automatic voice message to retrieve the parking ticket, which is then identified by the driver at the exit or when paying in the cash register.

If the registration plate has been correctly loaded, the vehicle is identified at the exit by re-registering the registration plate and the barrier opens automatically. If the driver exceeds the free parking time, he will pay the park in the cash register by entering his vehicle's registration plate via the touch screen. Parking fee is in an automatic cash register by coins, banknotes or a credit card.

How to pay parking space in the cache machine:

1. The driver chooses the payment option by entering the registration plate.

2. The driver enters any characters from his registration plate.
Below the keyboard, you'll see the registration plates, which this sequence of characters contains.

3. The driver shall mark his registration plate and the cache machine shall display the photograph of the incoming vehicle, time of arrival and parking fee. The driver will confirm this information and pay. Then can leave the car park at the set time.


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