Electronic locking systems


Metra electronic locking for lockers

Variety of implementation options allow easy tailored solutions based on customer requirements.

Due to its renowned quality and stability of components, Metra electronic locking components are a match for harsh environmental elements like freezing or hot temperature, high humidity or dust.

The heart of each system is represented by a reliable, patented electronic locker lock which enables different types of unlocking (push-to-open, pull-to-open, self-open).

Metra management software offers advanced overview, control and reporting on system usage and usage specifics.

Business benefits

Waterparks, ski resorts, hotels, offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, government buildings and many other are seeing a quick ROI by using Metra locking lockers and access control solutions due to reduced operational costs and additional revenue options.

Variety of user interfaces

User interfaces range from 4-digit central reader, to a touch screen terminal incorporating customer’s brand design and additional locker funcionalities for users (central locking), to a more specific system offering RFID reader on each locker door (individual locking).

A variety of standards supported

Variety of RFID and other media can be used as locker keys: LF, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443. Alternatively mobile phone app, barcode, QR code, fingerprint and PIN code can be used as primary locking media as well, or as a secondary media, to provide your users with additional level of security.


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