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PBC, WarszawaPBC, Warszawa

Paid and public parking with VIP zone. 6x automatic barrier Autogard, 2x enter terminal, 2x exit terminal, 2x crossing terminal with managing of the gate, 1x automatic cash machine with POS terminal, 1x manual cash machine, 6x UHF, 7x Face camera, 6x recognition vehicle number, VoIP communication, server, bonificator, Mifare card, sw ParkIS.

Start-Up 08/2015

Gdanski Business center, WarsawGdanski Business center, Warsaw

Parking system for Business center, 3x controlled crossings, vehicle registration RFID tags, registration number of the vehicle, 1x unattended combined parking terminal, 1x manual cash machine, 1x automatic cash machine with POS terminal. Bonification system, remote monitoring via the Internet.

Start-Up 05/2014

BC Konštruktorska, WarsawBC Konštruktorska, Warsaw

1000 places reserved, zones, parking lot. 3x enter terminal, 3x exit terminal, 6x automatic barrier, sw, server. Client station, VoIP communicator, identification with HID cards.

Start-Up 05/2013

BBC 1 PlusBBC 1 Plus

Plynárenska 1, Bratislava. Business parking garage with paid parking for the public and visitors. 2x enter parking terminal, 2x exit parking terminal, 4x automatic barrier, 1x manual cash machine, software, server, bonificator for granting discounts on parking charges. Information board at the car park occupancy. The parking system is connected to the enter system: 6x turnstile SlimStile EV with cards colectors, 3x stainless steel gate.

Start-Up 11/2012


Business parking lot also with regulating public paid parking for visits. Option bonuses for guests. Parking cards with full color printing. 1x enter terminal, 1x exit terminal, 3x automatic barrier  / 2x with  90 ° break joint mechanics /, 1x manual cash machine, 2x automatic cash machine, PC data center.

Start-Up 07/2012


Public paid and reserved parking with capacity of 1800 car places, the zones with reserved parking, Mifare parking cards, 15xautomatic barrier, 3xenter and 3xexit column, 9xtransfer column for reserved zone, 2xautomatic cash machine, 1xmanual machine, data center PC.

Start-Up 12/2008

POLUS City Center, BAPOLUS City Center, BA

One of the biggest car parking in SR with capacity of 1600 spaces and with daily premisses about 12000 vehicles. Daily parking tickets are in the form of contactless Mifare cards.
Bonification of parking price in choices companies and officies, integrated access system for employees, integrated camera system, 6xautomatic cash machine, 3xmanual cash machine, data center PC, 7 enters and 6 exits from parking place. Administration of cards is providing by the customers.

Start-Up 7/2008

CBC, Karadžičova street, BACBC, Karadžičova street, BA

Public paid parking space with capacity of 120 places, the system T PARK 22 and zone of reserved parking, Mifare parking cards, 4xautomatic barrier, 1xenter and 1xexit column, 2x2transfer columns for reserved zones, 1xautomatic cash machine, 1xmanual cash machine, data center PC.

Start-Up 10/2007

TECHNOPOL a.s., Kutlíková 17, BATECHNOPOL a.s., Kutlíková 17, BA

Public paid and reserved parking with capacity of 300 car places, Mifare parking cards, 5xautomatic barrier, 2xenter-issuing and 2xexit column, 2xtransfer column, 2xmanual machine, bonificators, access system for reserved parking, data center PC.

Start-Up 8/2003


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